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tools.jpgThese are all the tools that are currently listed as active in the 50+ Ways site- see also the list of tools that are organized into categories by the type of story they can create. Ones that no longer are available, have changed their service, or no longer are free can be found sitting sadly on the Island of Lost Tools.

Each link points to a full entry on the tool that includes a description, links and embedded versions of the original Dominoe story, links to other stories created in the tool, and some more feedback that can help you decided if the tool might be of interest. People who join this wiki can contribute to the content on these pages (learn more...).

But before rummaging around the toolbox, have you done your prep work? Do you have your story idea or presentation concept outlined, developed? This should be on paper or in a document file or scribbled on the back of a napkin, but do not rely on making it up as you go! If not, go back 2 spaces and do this now. Next- do you have your media assets available, your images, video clips, audio files-- if not go find your media now.

All the 50+ Ways Web Tools

This alphabetical list will help you find a tool if you know its name- but it might be better to use the links on the right to look at them grouped by type. If you know what kind of media you want to use, the listing by Media Capability might be a way to help you choose something from the toolbox. See also the list of mobile app tools.

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