url: http://www.wayfaring.com
type: Map



Annotate a map with three kinds of tools- a waypoint (one that can be used in multiple maps), a note, or a path/route (line traced on the map). Images can be uploaded to each waypoint or note. An interesting feature for the routes is that the site automatically calculates the map distance for the route.

The flow of the story is less apparent, unless one does it with a combination of routes to show a path. All of the wayfaring maps you make show up as a collection in your profile.

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Import Media From: Upload Images
Library Media: map bases

Dominoe Story

View on Wayfaring (link)

More Examples

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  • While Google Maps is better known and perhaps has better editing tools, Wayfaring maps offer a clean interface and a different style of display that is elegant. - cogdog cogdog Mar 24, 2011~
  • I had some irregular behavior with uploading images, and although the site claims you can also upload video, I cannot locate where you do that. I find a number of 404 errors for the help system and my descriptions are not being saved. - cogdog cogdog Apr 25, 2011

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