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Flickr+Fiction = Flicktion. Take any single image and write a short story built around that image. Save in flickr with the tag "flicktion".

This grew out of the efforts of flickr user Andrew Losowsky who had posted a series of photos of doorbells from around the city of Florence (Italy) to which he added a few paragraphs of fiction about the people who might have been the ones living there. He coined the term "flicktion" and went on to publish a book of his works, and even saw it turned into a play.

This must be the simplest form of story creation, but can make for an interesting pairing of a photo and the text of a story-- it need not be literal, but does challenge one to write something more substantial (and interesting) for a caption.

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Dominoe Story

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  • This is again, a simple combination of text and images, but puts the author into more of a position of developing the story more than just mixing together media. - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011
  • Ironically, Losowky's original photos are gone from flickr, likely a result of being published. Too bad, they were great! I remember them. - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011

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