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Create media rich posters with images, video, audio (uploaded or recorded) and apply a wide range of visual effects- size, rotation, scaling, as well as for text. Web links can be added for any item. Any embedded media can be viewed via a built in player.

With this tool "Gloggers" create "Glogs" (get it?). Published glogs can be tweeted or liked on Facebook.

Note that each a glog is relatively large sized (may not fit in blog page when embedded) and are best viewed via a direct link to the site. In addition, a glog can be published as public or private.

Be sure to see Glogster/edu for education related resources and services

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Import Media From: Uploaded images, video or sound, record photos, video, sound via web cam, import all media via URL
Library Media: Collection of background images and clip art graphics
Features for Teachers: Glosgter EDU is a premium level service for teachers who want to use Golgster for class. Accounts range from free teacher accounts to more advanced ones with services for managing student accounts, class privacy, ties to state standards and more.

Dominoe Story

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  • Glogster is one of the most easy tools to create content that is soaking with media. For educators, it makes for a more interesting format for students to publish reports compared to papers of powerpoint. It truly is a web-based poster covered with media. The G-Lab forum offers a lot of peer support. Glogster/EDU ambassadors recognize teacher's success with the tool, part of the package of extra services that are built for classroom use-- - cogdog cogdog Apr 25, 2011
  • See this tutorial

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