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Mapwing is an unusual tool, and in some ways, very different from the rest of the tools here. It is less meant for telling a story, and more for being able to create virtual "tours" of places. You upload a base image (may be a map) or use the built in tools to draw your own diagram of a space.

In that space, you place points or nodes, and each point can have an associated 4 images, which are thought of as if you were standing at that point and then looked in the four major directions (north, south, east, west). Each image can have an associated caption. Then, you use the editing tools to link nodes together, so you can make a path from one to the other.

The easiest thing to think of is finding a graphic of a map, and think of 4 images that are related to a place on the map- it could be pyramids of the world, or locations of zoos, or places in a story. Or one could create an imaginary space, say rooms in a museum or on a spaceship, and use the tools to show what it looks like as you move about the space.

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Dominoe Story

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  • It might be hard to think of a way to build a story here, but the non-linear nature of the linking makes Mapwing and interesting tool. - cogdog cogdog Apr 25, 2011

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