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Google Maps is much more than looking up locations and driving directions= anyone with a google account can create their own maps by annotating the basic map with your own location points. Each map point can have content created in their basic editor, and you can also add lines between points or create geometric shapes as map overlays.

This is an ideal tool to create a story that is organized by map location, be it across the world, or just detailed ones within your neighborhood.

The also provide cut and paste code (via the "Link to this Page") so you can embed the maps in any web page.

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Import Media From: Images by URL
Library Media: icons for map locations, map bases

Dominoe Story

View on Google My Maps (link)

View Dominoe in a larger map

More Examples

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Your Impressions

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  • This tool is one of the most powerful and overlooked ones that many of us have access too. With the maps provided by Google, the world is yours to annotate locations with your own content, be it a story linked by location or a map to locations of a written story. It is also less obvious that you can click and drag the map list on the left, so you can create a suggested order to view content. - cogdog cogdog Apr 25, 2011

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