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type: Comic



Create simple or complex comics using characters, scenes, objects. All objects are highly editable, and characters can be moved into almost any pose, so they are highly configurable to change expressions- and any edited character can be saved for reuse in later panels or comics. Comics can be combined into Comic Books, and there are special print features to have your comic appear on shirts, etc.

See features and special class pricing at Pixton for Schools as well as another service option in Pixton for Businesses.

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Import Media From: Uploaded images, search in Flickr or Google (image search requires upgraded account)
Library Media: characters, background scenes, sets, props
Teacher Features: Pixton for schools provides a way to create and manage student/class accounts (e.g. so student emails are not required), as well as tools for creating rubrics and creating http://www.pixton.com/schools/overview

Dominoe Story

View on Pixton (link)

More Examples

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Your Impressions

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  • Pixton produces some of the cleanest and most expressive comics due to its sophisticated character editing tools (e.g. change a character's facial expressions from pane to panel). A number of the features are provided only at the membership role, although the site provides its own economy to earn credits for creating as well as on interacting with other author's content. - cogdog cogdog Apr 21, 2011
  • It is also nice how Pixton uses its own tool to generate its support documents (see also its collection of how to videos) - cogdog cogdog Apr 21, 2011

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