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Storify is really a tool for building collections from media that exists in many different web sites, not only media, but also Twitter and Facebook for messages that people post there. It can be sued to create a curated collection, a story, documenting an event. Each media type can be searched by username, keyword, or any link can be entered to pull a web site in. Storify automatically embeds the appropriate media.

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Import Media From: Import media from flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any web url
Library Media: None
Features for Teachers: Nne

Dominoe Story

View on Storify (link)

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  • Storify is a very powerful and flexible tool for building assemblages from media stored in many places on the web. They can be placed in any order, annotated with text and mixes in a way that lends it self to rich narratives. The results can be embedded as either a long running timeline or a horizontal slide show. Often is it ised to document events, but there is no reason why one could not tell stories in it, ones that leverage content from the web

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