Linking Flickr Notes

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Using any set of flickr photos, you can link them together via hypertext links embedded into flickr notes - the popups that appear when rolling over an image.

You could weave a story together linked linearly or branching, by using these "hotspots" on images- the links can go to other flickr photo pages or any other web site. This might be used to create a branching story, or a "Choose an Adventure" type one.

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Import Media From: For photos already in flickr
Library Media: none

Dominoe Story

View on Flickr (link)

More Examples

  • There are not many as I made up this one myself! - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011
  • Computer Room (analysis of technology, not strictly a story...)

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  • This is not too complicated to do, but I've yet to see many people even try. At a minimum, every teacher has some visual diagram that would be suited for this kind of annotation. - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011

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