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Bubblr is one of many creative tools at Pimpampaum, a site provided by teacher/artists Daniel JuliĆ  & Anna Fuster "We want to imagine that there are thing to do on the Internet, and we want to do them. We believe on the Internet made by people, because of it we want to give them tools to change it. Touch, break, shake Internet. And generate unpredictable new realities."

With Bubblr, you can create your own comis strips generated from images you can find in flickr- you can either use a tag to search on or access photos from a single users account. Images are dragged onto your strip, and in each one, you can add a comic speach or thought bubble.

While simple in the sets of tools, there are many possibilities of activities that could be generated out of the site. One interesting approach is taking an existing published comic, and use the "recycle" button to redo the same strip with different bubbles, edit the bubbles, or add new panes.

The bookr tool does something similar in a flipbook type published form -- see http://www.pimpampum.net/bookr/

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Import Media From: Flickr users or tags
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Dominoe Story

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  • Bubblr is very easy to use and can create interesting comic like things quickly. By changing search parameters, you can find plenty of images to use. It also does not require any account to be created to use it. Be sure to check out their other tools like bookr and phrasr - cogdog cogdog Apr 21, 2011

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