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Zentation is a platform for synchronizing a Powerpoint presentation to a video, putting them side by side. In most cases, this is done for a talk where the speaker is recorded on video, and later their slide deck can be published along side the video. But it can just as well be used to do storytelling by creating the visuals in Powerpoint and recording a video of the person telling a tale.

The free version can sync videos from YouTube or Google Video and will contain ads when published; the premium ($) levels allows you upload videos to the Zentation video server and lacks ads. The slides can came from either uploaded Powerpoint decks or linked to presentations published on Slideshare.

The syncing is quite easily done- on screen where this is done, the video plays, and the slides are shown on the right. You can click a button under each slide to grab the time code from the video (or enter it manually).

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Import Media From: Upload PowerPoint, Link to Slideshare/YouTube/Google Video
Library Media: n/a

Dominoe Story

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  • Zentation is not the tool that creates stories, but one that makes it easy to publish them in an interesting format- it works well with content stored elsewhere on the web. You could create one by using a presentation file loaded in Slideshare and a video recorded in YouTube. - cogdog cogdog Apr 27, 2011

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