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xTimeline is a useful tool for almost any academic subject- every field does have a history. In editing, you create basic information about your timeline- a tile, description, and related URLs. Then for each event you add to a timeline, you enter a title, its dates, a description, and optionally upload an image, video, or flash content. You can edit/view an xtimeline via a time interface or as a list of events.

Published timelines can be accessed via a link or it can be embedded into your own web pages.

A timeline can be set up to be edited by more than one person, and when published it can be set to be public, or only available to those you have added to its access list.

See the Alisona free course on using xtimeline

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Import Media From: Uploaded images, videos, or flash
Library Media: None

Dominoe Story

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More Examples

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  • xtimeline seems to be run on a low budget (they do accept donations) and I've gotten reports from other that it can be unpredictable, However, it i a very easy tool to use and makes sense for almost any topic where you might need a timeline. To create my Dominoe version of the story, I had to assign and fudge specific time and dates to get things to go in order. As a timeline, it generally works better for things where the events are spread out in time, rather than occurring at moments in a day, although it does stack overlapping events. - cogdog cogdog Oct 24, 2010
  • Entering content on a xtimeline can be tedious, each involves multiple pieces if data to enter. When I first used this tool, it had a feature that you could set up events in a spreadsheet and upload that to populate the xtimeline. That does not seem to be available any more. - cogdog cogdog Oct 24, 2010
  • The site also offers a "list" feature which is interesing- you can create lists of timelines, which could be a way to group a class or a group of related stories/timelines. - cogdog cogdog Oct 24, 2010

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