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In shwup you can upload media (images and movies) or load from Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, any web page, even from an email message into an "album".

From an album, you can next create a "muviee" using a small selection of themes/styles and music from its library.

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Import Media From: upload images/video, send media via email, import from Flickr/Facebook/Picassa, import from any web page
Library Media: music, layout styles

Dominoe Story

View on shwup (link)

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  • shwup provides a simple interface to upload images and video and put them on a video timeline. It is not the most sophisticated tool, but is easy to use. It also has good options for export (to YouTube) and options for printing or even having a DVD made of your "muvee" - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011
  • It is also annoying that the embedded version is set to automatically play- even adding the embed/object parameters to turn autoplay off, it still goes on its own. - cogdog cogdog Apr 26, 2011

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