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Use PikiStrips to make comics from your own photos using standard sets of panel layouts. You can choose to have from 1 to 9 panels, and for each one, there are multiple layout designs. The content from the panels can be uploaded images from your computer or ones found by searching in flickr. In each panel you can apply PhotoShop-like effects to images (blur, canvas, watercolor) and then add speech bubbles and other "goodies" (clip art like hearts, etc).

Your creations can then be sent to a store for on demand printing as a t-shirt, mouse pad, coffee mug, or gift bag.

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Import Media From: Uploaded images, search in Flickr
Library Media: Collection of clip art images

Dominoe Story

View on PikiStrips (link)
a comic strip!

More Examples

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  • PikiStrips offers a good amount of flexibility for creating comics from photos and some editing features that are unique, such as being able to edit the frame border color and spacing, background color, etc, plus the effects that can be added to the images. - cogdog cogdog Apr 21, 2011

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