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Explory Description edit
Explory provides a well designed interface to assemble a montage of photos and video clips, and for each, optionally to record your own narration. The finally video is published to their web site, and is easily shared.

These is good thought put into the interface- all of the editing controls for your story are on the right... Click + s to add media (I like how you can multiple select from the iOS photos/videos. Or use the camera to record a photo or video directly into the story. The audio button can be used to add the narration, and you can slide from image to image for each audio section. It helps to have the audio levels shown while you record. It is easy to go back and add audio per slide, or delete it and record anew

There is a default time per image, but the app is smart enough to know that if the time per image is 2 seconds, and you record 8, that it leaves the image on screen for that time.

It appears that you can also have audio that spans across images, rather than being contained within one. It has a simple text tool to add captions. The audio quality is fair, and you can hear noticeable gaps between frames (some padding would have helped when recording, but audio should be cross faded between scenes).

The free account provides up to 500 Mb of storage (my Domonoe story used up 33 Mb); there are options to pay for an account to get more storage, and access to higher quality video uploads.

On the main menu, the "Story Ideas" button brings up your photos, clustering them into starter sets from the same date/place, so it can make assembling a story really easy of the photos were taken on the device.


I found the app easy to use, and worth explory-ing!

- cogdog cogdog

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