The Script/Outline for the Dominoe Story

When I set out to create 50+ Dominoe Stories, I reduced the story to a brief outline that would work for captions or a guide as I used the different tools. This informed the visuals that you can see in the Storyboard.

  • Dominoe.
  • I was in between. Fiercely independent, had money saved up, and some time before I went west.
  • My roommate called. Someone found a runaway dog. Dominoe.
  • Named her after the damsel in Sharky's Machine.
  • Malnourished, skittish, afraid of a raised hand.
  • We walked into the woods, she always following a few yards away, my buddy.
  • One day we drove farther and walked in the autumn leaves.
  • Met an old friend. We chatted about 15 minutes, and I turned around.
  • She was gone.
  • I was hours running up and down the trail, crying out her name. I was worthless. I could take care of myself, but no one else, worthless.
  • Darkness.
  • I would camp out, return the next day. I would do that every day until I found her. Every day.
  • I cried back to the car... and there she was, waiting for me.
  • My awareness became a circle of responsibility of more than just myself.
  • We drove across the country, we had adventures, to new exciting lands. Made a home in Arizona. We were companions.
  • We parted permanently, but I never forgot what I learned that day in the woods.
  • Dominoe.