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30hands Description edit
30hands is both a website and a mobile app. The website is very much intended to be a Learning Management System (LMS) platform. While you can create narrated slideshows on the web using their site the mobile app streamlines the process. You'll end up with an mp4 video file with a 5 second ad for the app tacked on at the end.

When you first launch the app you'll be prompted to create an account on their website but you can safely skip that part.

You select any number of pictures from your camera roll and they are imported into the app fairly quickly. You can then reorganize the order of your pictures if you wish and narrate an audio track for each slide individually. If you make a mistake you can delete the audio (or the entire slide) & redo it as many times as you like. There are also some rudimentary draw tools in the app which you can use to highlight parts of your slides or create slides entirely by drawing images yourself. The recorded images are static though, you can't re-watch the drawing as it's created from scratch.

Sharing options are limited but the most important one is baked into the app; you can save your mp4 video to your device's camera roll. From there you can share it in a variety of ways including uploading to a video sharing website such as YouTube (which is what I did) directly from your device. The app says you can upload your video for hosting on their website. Although I tried several times I wasn't able to do that. I had to log out in the app then login again; the video uploaded quickly and processed within a few min. Once it's on their website you you can share the video via a link, embed code, or download it.

As of this moment (Jan 2014) the app is only available on iOS devices but they say an android version is coming soon.

- dkuropatwa dkuropatwa Jan 22, 2014

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Sharing Options: embed code, link, download
Export Options: save to device, save to 30hands website
Import Media From: Take Photo, Record Audio, Saved Photos

Dominoe Story

View on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKZ5dfyCpLg
View on 30hands website

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