New Tools: Candidates for the 50+ Ways

This is my "to-do" list of tools to add to this site; new ones I have found or others have suggested. Keep in mind that my criteria for something to be included in the collection:
  • The tool allows you to mix 2 or more media types to create something you can publish to the web
  • The tool is free to use
  • The tool exists on a web site (e.g. not a download or a mobile app)
  • The tool is not specific to any operating system or browser

If you have suggestions, this page is editable, so add the name of the site, its link, and why you think it belongs here. Be sure to add a signature to the end of your contribution, enter 4 tildes (~) after your text so it generates something like - cogdog cogdog Oct 24, 2010

The Contenders

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