Island Lost Tools

The Island of Lost or Dead Tools

Below are tools that were once included here but have either disappeared or changed their structure so they were no longer free . Some may have found their way here because the function that once performed was subsumed into a more comprehensive tool.

Keep in mind that my criteria for something to be included in the 50+ Ways collection are

  • The tool allows you to mix 2 or more media types to create something you can publish to the web
  • The tool is free to use; it may have premium fee-based services, but there is a basic free service (and not a 30-day trial)
  • The tool exists on a web site (e.g. not a download or a mobile app)
  • The tool is not specific to any operating system or browser

Bring Out the Dead

  • Bubbleshare went offline in November 2009
  • Bubbleply went offline sometime in 2010; says they are still there for paying customers. No big deal, YouTube provides annotation capabilities
  • ComicSketch no idea when it disappeared
  • Dandelife No sign of life -- see
  • eyespot Went out of business in September 2008, allowed users to download videos
  • Flektor is gone; URL goes to MySpace.
  • flickrslidr This site still works but its functionality is not completely provided inside of flickr (this was not always the case)
  • Flowgram going out of business June 2009 a real shame!
  • gnomz a long time web resident, gone. No more little comics
  • ImageLoop changed to just an iPhone app, web version no longer active
  • Jaycut was bought by RIM and pretty much killed off its open usage; one of the best online photo editors there was (see old tools page)
  • Joggle went out of sight September 30, 2010. Not missed much, it was always buggy and pre-beta-ish
  • Jumpcut going out of business June 2009
  • Mixercast moved into widget/advertisment business; last seen on web via Internet Archive in January 2010
  • MotionBox was acquired by HP and rolled into it's Snapfish photo service; the content creation tools of Motionbox are gone
  • My Maps+ Provides tool to embed a map created in Google's My Maps into any other web site, Google's new tools has this functionality
  • Piczo Assemble a "site" where you can add a variety of media types, and also has features of a social networking service. Tool behaved inconsistently when I tried it.
  • preezo Looks like a no frills PowerPoint clone; it refused to import a PPT file, and after fiddling with trying to import images, gave up with the difficulty of moving them around. There are plenty of other presentation web apps that work better.
  • PhotoShow Roxio changed the service so publishing a PhotoShow requires a premium ($) membership. No free, no 50 Ways.
  • Pikistrips site no load, does not respond to pings - cogdog cogdog Mar 15, 2014
  • Podcast People No longer offers a free version, only 14-day trials.
  • Rockyou platform switched to be for web games, slideshows no longer supported
  • shwup
    http;// is now some sort of media cloud storage thing. The tool never was tat good
  • Slide Closed March 2012 "While we are incredibly grateful to our users and for all of the wonderful feedback over the years, many of these products are no longer as active or haven't caught on as we originally hoped."
  • Slideoo gone, domain for sale.
  • Snapjot "Digital Scrapbooking for Groups" - buggy, crashed, could not create any material
  • SplashCast The "pioneers of social TV" went down Sept 1, 2009
  • Tabblo - bought by HP, turned into something about "Smart Printing"
  • Thumbstacks appears to be dead too; also a rather buggy presentation tool. I don't miss it.
  • Tikatok was sold to barnes and Noble, then sold to Pearson, who now run it as a fee service for creating social studies content "
    The website closed on October 5, 2012 and no longer offers a custom book publishing service. As of October 5, 2012 all accounts and custom books were deleted from the Tikatok site.."
  • TouFee They are now charging for an account, you gotta be free to be one of the 50 Tools.
  • Viewbook There is no longer a free version, although my original account seems to be grandfathered see Dominoe
  • VUVOX/ Vuvox Collage They got bought by eBay and threw away everyone's content. Nice move. Way to jeep the web alive. Closed September 13, 2013.
  • Xtranormal closes July 31, 2013 "What have we accomplished? Over the past 5+ years, we have created a simple way to instantly turn your words into a 3D animated movie. Our community and dedicated fans have created some of the most viral and entertaining videos on the Web with millions of users on our platform. We thank you for showcasing your amazing talent and for being such loyal fans... We’re ending Act 1 of Xtranormal as we know it and exploring options for Act 2 in the future."
  • Zude is just gone with a image that says "beta closed". No tears, it was a lame tool

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