How to Contribute to this Site

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There are more tools than I can keep up with! They change features all the time, or more sadly, can disappear all together. So I want to make this site in a way for you to add to it, especially for examples of stories you may have created with any of the tools, and information that might help someone else figure out of the tool is something they want to consider using.

While this site is a wiki, and technically, I could set it up to be fully editable, in practice, that can unravel into a chaotic pile of messy pages.It's not that I don't trust YOU, it's that other person who messed up my wiki!

Wikis work great for brainstorming and basic content collecting and a few other small time wikis where people pitch in and others keep an eye on it. Not to be overly critical, but letting strangers edit a wiki you designed is like setting buckets of paint on your porch and asking any passerby to paint a part of your house. This is a wiki, but it is also a web site I use often and want it to stay in a semi-organized state.

This wiki, especially the entries for each tool, has a very specific structure that needs to be preserved. On this site, most of the pages are locked so only I can edit, but I have set it up so these pages are modular, and they include as content, separate wiki pages that I have left open for people to edit.

Since not all the new tool pages are ready for you to add your examples, you can share a story with me via a google form embedded below.

How It Works

First you have to have a wikispaces account (free) and you need to join this wiki. Once an approved member, you have access to edit the following portions of the site listed below. addto.jpg The parts of the page that you can modify will have a link to the editable portion that looks like the image on the right.

When you add anything to this wiki, please give yourself credit by entering in the wiki four tilde characters (~) which produces a time stamped signature like - cogdog cogdog Oct 24, 2010.

Things You Can Edit

  • **The list of new tools to consider.** This entire page is editable.
  • Sources of Free Media To update the content on the Media Sources page you can edit the part of content that forms the lists (edit here)
  • Each Tool Page. On the tool description pages, I have set it up so you can edit the description of the tool, the list of examples of stories created in the tool, and a section where you can share your impressions of the tool as a guide for others.

You can also add any comment or suggestions to any page via the Discussion button at the top of every page. The Notify Me button is handy of you want to keep track of updates to any page- you can get notifications by email or via RSS feeds. If you want to keep track of the entire site, see Notify of Site Wide Changes.

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