50+ Web Ways to Tell a Story


Why 50 Ways?

To somewhat mangle the elegant lyrics of Paul Simon

The story is all inside your head
She said to me
The answer is easy if you
Go on the web and see
I'd like to help you in your struggle
With creativity
There must be fifty web ways
To tell a story

It was not long ago that producing multimedia digital content required expensive equipment and deep levels of technical expertise. We are at the point now where anyone can create and publish very compelling content with nothing more complex than a web browser.

The point is not that these are professional level production tools, but that the barrier of entry to content creation can be drastically low. And you should find a new mode of creativity when the tool have some limits as to what they can do-- and find that the core of the story is much more important than a widget.

What counts for a "story" here is a multi-segment narrative that usesmore than one type of media (images + text, audio + images, etc) that are assembled on the web, and can be presented on the web or embedded into other web sites.

And I am using the word "story" in a most general sense; it may be a deeply personal one of the digital storytelling variety, it may be a tale of a travel trip, a report on a project, or just a silly cartoon-- it is what you make. It's your story.

This is a new version of the original 50+ Web Ways to Tell a Story that was created in 2007. As of May 12, 2014 4:52 pm 30 are in the new site and some 30+ are waiting in the wings! We have also expanded the scope and now include 9 Mobile creation apps (and plan to add more over 2014).

50ways-mobile-sm.jpgNew! With help from Darren Kuropatwa, we are extending the 50+ Ways concept to include mobile story making apps. The criteria are that they are all free, publish stories to a public web URL, and are available for Apple or Android devices.

As of March 2014, we have 9 new apps included in our Mobile Tools collection. And we have created a Google+ Community http://go.cogdog.it/50ways-gplus as am open place to discuss all the tools and ideas how to use them.

dominoe.jpgIf you are a person that likes watching DVD extras or seeing "The Making of..." I have a story for you, the History of 50+Ways... In this new version of the wiki, I have made more places for you to directly add to the site, including enabling it so you can improve the tool descriptions, add links to your own story examples, and give advice for others you might be interested in a tool you used. See How to Contribute for more details.

If you do not want to bother with wiki edits, just send me some info about what you made via my story sharing web form, and I'll do the rest.

In this workshop/website you will:
  • Design a basic story concept that can be created in a web 2.0 tool using images, audio, and/or video.
  • Locate appropriately licensed media to use in your story.
  • Create the story quickly using one of 50+ different web tools that are free to use.

Check out the promo video I created to tell you about 50+Ways- to make it, I used 34 of the tools.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Outline a Story Idea
  2. Find Some Media
  3. Pick a Tool and Build Your Story

And just to prove it can be done, I told same story as an example for every tool in the list and provided as an example in the workshop materials (see the final list of 50 Stories About Dominoe).

It has the basic media types you will use- images, text, video, and/or audio.

And it has a cute Dalmatian.

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Bonus Stuff!

One page handout
Two page workshop handout

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