Kerpoof Studio, which has been acquired by Disney and greatly expanded since this site started, is a creation site aimed at school kids, and comes with a suite of tools for that audience (parental approval of accounts, teacher managed accounts) to be able to create cartoons/comics. It is very slick and offers one of the most well designed interfaces. A number of creation tools are available as listed below. Common elements are preset media in the tool depending on a kind of story selected first by the user, a library of characters, background, and other media that can be dragged and dropped into the canvas.

The tools include:
  • Make a Drawing- create something that can be used in the other tools
  • Create a Picture (the original tool) includes a way to create individual "frames" of a comic that could be assembled into a larger story
  • Storybook- generates a story with images/text that is designed in a book template
  • Make a Movie- create an animated story using a library of media and a timeline (includes additional media such as music, and animations)

Basic accounts are free, but the site also sells memberships for advanced features as well as more things that can be bought in the Kerpoof store.

Among the resources for teachers are: Kerppof Scholastic- lesson plans, classroom ideas, info on teacher accounts, and connections to local standards